Your upholstery brought back to life!

It doesn’t matter if you live alone at home or you’re with your family or friends – your upholstered furniture will get worn out eventually. Plus, dust, stains, and other factors that can affect the health of your upholstery are inevitable!

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about having to buy new furniture in case your upholstery becomes “too old” to use or clean. We can send you our professional upholstery cleaners in Lapeer to take care of it!

Our upholstery cleaning service can handle even the deepest and oldest stains while being gentle enough not to ruin your furniture.

Why Carpet Cleaners’ Upholstery
Cleaning Services?

We give your tired upholstered furniture the pampering it deserves. Whatever the size and style of your furniture, we can guarantee you that we can handle any situation your upholstery has. We treat every piece with as much care as you do – be it a simple couch with an antique heirloom.

Our upholstery cleaning service is more than capable of restoring life to your upholstery. We can even handle damages from fire or smoke, and water. Having your upholstery cleaning by our expert hands can save you a whole lot of money instead of buying new stuff.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the chemicals we use because we only use non-toxic ingredients. We always make sure that we thoroughly extract the chemicals from the furniture to keep you safe.

We’re an environmentally conscious cleaning company, and we care about your family and your pets.

What we do

We divide our cleaning process into three parts: prep, clean, and finish. Each step is essential to transform and give life to your dirty, exhausted furniture.

Step 1: Prep

Our professional cleaners will inspect the upholstered furniture you want to be cleaned to find out where the stains are and how to treat them.

Step 2: Clean

We perform in-depth cleaning on your upholstery after we apply a solution to loosen and lift tough dirt. After the stains and dirt have been weakened, we flush them out and remove remaining dirt.

Step 3: Finish

After cleaning, we perform a quick-dry treatment so that you’ll be able to use your furniture immediately. We also apply deodorizers and protectors to prolong the quality of your pieces.

What should you do when you choose to work with us?

Of course, you would want our services to go as fast as possible, which is why there are a few things we need you to do:


We will need to be able to move around your furniture with ease to prevent accidents. Decluttering your floors and furniture is the best way to ensure that we can serve you with ease. You wouldn’t want us tripping all over your living room, right?

Have a clear path

Other than decluttering your space, we would need a clear way to get our equipment to your upholstery. This will help your cleaning service to go quickly and lower the risk of tripping or slipping on anything when we get our equipment in your home.

Take note of problem areas

Although we would be performing a quick run-down on the status of your furniture, it would mean a whole lot if you can pinpoint particular areas so that we can quickly proceed to clean your upholstery.

Prepare your pets for our visit (if any)

As much as you love your pets, they could cause a little problem especially when a stranger comes into your home. So prepare their areas of where they’ll stay, like a closed area, a kennel, or your yard.

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